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*NEW* Training NOW                Available

Brandy Kuripla is NOW available for training at the Double Bar H Equestrian Center! Some of her services include:

  • Ground Work

  • Colt/Filly Starting

  • Desensitizing

  • Problem Solving

  • Slow Work

  • Barrel Training

  • Tune Ups

  • Conditioning

  • Trail Riding

Brandy accepts all breeds and disciplines. She also offers one on one lessons with you and your horse. She is available for teaching basics or more experienced riding dynamics. She can provide references and training videos upon request.    ​

Call or Text Brandy (517) 512-1929 for more info or to schedule your first lesson!

Boarding Options 

We are a full service boarding facility located on 40 Acres, located in Laingsburg, Michigan. 

Stall Board


We have 22 - 10' x 12' stalls that are cleaned daily. Every stall comes with a rubber matted base and electrical outlets at each stall that aid in grooming. We supply heated water buckets in the winter time and maintain a clean sawdust bedding daily. Horses are fed and put out every morning into a gender divided pasture, and brought in every night and fed. We use a special mix of grain that contains Oats and Bran with an Equine Fortifier that contains high levels of minerals and vitamins and a Equine Base38 (a high quailty protien that ensures growth and flexiability), topped with Gold-Cote.

Private Pasture Boarding


Should your horse require private pasturing, this option is avaiable upon request for an additonal fee.


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